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Lady Shayo is a facilitator, and a great public speaker, she currently works with organizations to help motivate their teams and inspire them for greatness. She also speaks/presents at corporate events, conferences, seminars and management retreats.

She has had the privilege of being invited as a guest on several radio and TV shows where she shares her wealth of knowledge gained from her experience working in the corporate world and as a management consultant. 


Her major topics are centred around business leadership, corporate strategy, self-development and productivity for professionals and top executives.

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Some Previous Topics Lady Shayo has Spoken on

  • Aligning business growth, strategy and management  - key insights for sustainable value creation.

  • Understanding Corporate Strategy - A business discussion 

  • Workplace of the future - the implication of AI on the workplace of the future

  • Entrepreneurship - Women in business, key factors for success

  • Developing a successful strategy in the new normal - issues, challenges and the way forward

  • The role of power and influence in leadership

  • Business negotiation - how to successfully close a deal

  • Managing organizational change - a transformation journey

  • Driving business success - compliance and ethical requirements

  • Navigating Office Politics - The good, the bad and the ugly

  • The Queen Bee syndrome - myth or fact 

Invite Lady Shayo to speak at your training session, corporate event,  radio/TV show, seminar, trade show, business dinners, product launch, year-end functions, corporate retreats and team-building events etc

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Public Speaking


Lady Shayo's training topics cover various aspects of personal and professional development, to help individuals advance their careers and establish themselves as entrepreneurs or business people.

In her interactions with both individuals and corporate bodies, she takes her clients through various journeys depending on their needs. Her courses cover various areas that help individuals advance their careers and business aspirations.

Engage Lady Shayo to share her wealth of knowledge with your team or organisation. Customised programs are also available on request. 

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Her services focus on helping businesses improve performance through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans and processes for improvement.


She supports many projects as a subject matter expert and helps create the deliverables necessary to increase performance, productivity and profitability.  

Lady Shayo supports busy executives and high-level professionals by understanding their unique problems, identifying the skill gaps and then drafting a roadmap to the solution. Her methods of delivery are coaching and training.

She works with business teams by facilitating brainstorming and ideation sessions, as well as providing support for strategy development, business planning, change management and other corporate activities that help make clients' businesses grow.


Larger consulting assignments are routed through our consultancy Shalatel Corporate Solutions Limited, for more information please send an email to

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Any of our training programs can be offered as a one to one coaching program. Many of our clients are busy business executives who may not be able to accommodate a fixed time format to acquire the desired skills or learning, as such we work with them and create a flexible timetable that can work with their busy schedules. The result is the desired transformation or new skills they require.

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Engage Lady Shayo to be your personal Coach


Inspire,  Influence,  Impact

I work in the corporate space, and my clients are corporate organisations or individuals who work in them. Whether it's a detailed training session covering several weeks, a presentation to your team or an in-depth consulting exercise,  I can tailor my services to meet your specific needs. 

My work covers the following areas

Strategy and Innovation

  • Business planning

  • Strategy development and execution

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Competitive strategy

  • Customer retention 

Organisational Behaviour

  • Leadership Dynamics

  • Team Management

  • Organisational culture

  • Change management

  • Negotiation

  • Power, influence, rank and status

  • Office politics

  • Critical thinking, problem-solving & decision making

  • Business networking

Business Skills

  • Public speaking and presentations

  • Critical Thinking

  • Decision Making


Personal Skills

  • Sartorial skills and personal grooming 

  • Improving self-esteem and building confidence

  • Executive presence

What do you need?​

  • Are you an organisation or individual in the corporate space?

  • Need a speaker, moderator or facilitator for your corporate or business event?

  • Need to interview me for my depth of knowledge and experience for your live broadcast?

  • TV, Radio, Online?

  • Need a trainer, consultant or board member for your organisation?

  • Need someone to professionally anchor your business brainstorming sessions and generate in-depth ideation for business solutions?

Then I can help

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