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5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Achieving Your Goals

Many of us know how to make great goals whether they are personal or corporate, but many of us will also agree that actually achieving them is a completely different ball game.

While it is great to aim high and push yourself, it is also important to make realistic goals that are actually achievable.

Here is a summary of other things that could go wrong during your goal setting activities

Lack of Clarity

Make sure your goals are clear, to you and your team.

E.g. - I want to lose weight in 2023 - Not a very clear goal

I want to lose 10kg of weight within 12 months -and become a size 10 between Jan to Dec 2023. Much clearer and easy to understand.

Not Having a Fixed Target

Don't keep changing the goal post, it can be very confusing and even discouraging to your team. Changes may need to be made in the light of current events as they unfold but let those changes be made only when absolutely necessary, and they should not be done frequently.

Not Appreciating Failures

Sometimes you will simply fail woefully. Don't use failure as an excuse to give up. Failure is good, it's a learning process, so don't take it to heart. Never give up, take a break, then start again, keep going until you succeed.

Having too many Goals or Sub Goals

Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves by trying to get too many things done at the same time. We call it "multi-tasking" but in reality, it is just going to lead to burnout. In the attempt to achieve "everything" you might end up achieving nothing.

I remember a friend who tried to write a professional exam and a school exam at the same time. Now this could have been achieved if the syllabus of both courses was the same or similar, but it wasn't, in fact they were completely different. In the end my friend lost out at both ends, he didn't pass the school exam well and failed the professional one. It could have been better for him if he had concentrated on one first.

Pursue your goals one at a time, when one is accomplished, move on to the next.

Not Being Consistent

Slow and steady wins the race, a favourite quote of mine goes like this -

"Long term consistency trumps short term intensity" - Bruce Lee

One of the biggest challenges we have in accomplishing our goals is being consistent over a lengthy period, especially when we don't quickly see any effect or result. We must learn to trust the process, doing small things over a longer time is more effective than short bursts of activity that cannot be sustained.

So these are some of the things that can affect our goal setting process and our ability to accomplish our visions and dreams. Hope this has been useful, if so please send us a message.

Please feel free to like and share and always remember -

inspire, influence, and impact your world.


Image Credit: Dreamtime

Written by Lady Shayo Imologome FCA, MBA

Business Growth Strategist, Management Consultant, and Keynote Speaker

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