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Corporate Networking for Organizational

Growth and Career Success

Why you should take this course

Why Network?

No one can truly say he or she is a "self-made" man or woman, at various points in your life's journey, people have helped you. Your network gives you access to knowledge you don't have, the experience you didn't pass through and opportunities you may not be aware of. 


In the midst of current happenings, mass layoffs, rising prices and closed down businesses, this is the time to leverage on your business connections to know where new opportunities are emerging. 


This course will help you whether you want to expand your career, find a job or grow your business.

Who is the course for?

Is this right for me?

  1. People who work in the corporate space and want to advance their career.

  2. People who are in paid employment and want to change their career path.

  3. Individuals who are planning to go back to school, take an online or offline course,  a diploma, masters, PhD or some other professional degree 

  4. Sales and marketing professionals who need to create new business leads

  5. Individuals who want to expand their businesses.

  6. Any person who wants to gain new knowledge, get new business leads and customers, and generally improve his or her life.

What you will learn

How will I improve?

​​After taking this course you will be able to;

  1. Develop a practical networking strategy that will get results.

  2. Understand the dynamics of proper contact management.

  3. Know how to communicate better under difficult situations

  4. Learn and understand professional business etiquette. 

  5. Know how to create memorable experiences that will keep you at the top of mind of your connections.

  6. Understand how to properly use social media to your advantage for networking using LinkedIn as a case study.

  7. Know the necessary precautions to take before doing business.

  8. Convert friends, family and acquaintances to business leads, customers and clients.

Your Facilitator

Lady Shayo Imologome


Business Growth Strategist, Management Consultant, and Keynote Speaker

Lady Shayo is the CEO of StratNovate Consulting and one of Nigeria's 50 Leading Ladies in Corporate Nigeria. She has 3 decades of corporate experience and professionalism behind her. This training comes to your from the stables of her newest project 

Delivery Method

The course is self paced and delivered through friendly videos.


Our programs are flexible and will easily fit into your time schedule

Price: N3,000

The course is just N3,000! A token amount, so hurry and take advantage now!


Need this for your organisation?

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