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5 Ways to Effectively Communicate Your Strategy

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Your business strategy is what drives you as an organization and everybody going on the journey must have a clear understanding of where the company is going and how it wants to get there so they can play their part effectively. If they don't have that understanding they could become a hindrance. Make every member of your staff an active ambassador by entrenching the strategy and culture in their hearts. here are a few tips that will help you achieve this.

I vividly remember the very first time I walked into the reception at the Honeywell Group Lagos. "The Honeywell Dream" was framed on a wall opposite the sitting area so that any visitor who came in could see it. I recall reading and immediately identifying with the dream. That was one of the things that made working there so great.

Shortly after, before I started work with them, I met one of the staff, and he was so excited that I was coming on board. the first thing he shared with me was the company vision, mission, core values and what the company was planning to do. I later realized that everyone in the company had a clear understanding of the company strategy, all staff walked and talked the vision, and together they realized the dream.

Honeywell was a great example of how an organization entrenched its strategy and culture within the hearts of its workforce. Below are a few tips on how you can do the same for your company.