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7 Lessons From a Tree We Need to Adopt in our Lives

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

.....And then I asked the Lord, 'Lord how can a mortal man please a spiritual God, how can flesh and blood like me please a Spirit like you'. Then He answered me as though with a chuckle, 'you must learn to live like a tree'. More puzzled still I asked

'Lord how do I live like a tree'? Then He asked me 'Son, why do you plant trees?' I answered slowly with thoughts flying through my mind, 'Lord I believe trees are planted for fruits, for shade and beauty and then He asked me 'which among them does the tree benefit directly from?' I answered ' none Lord'.

Then the Lord said 'Son you must take note of the following if you will ever please Me':

#FIRST - He said, 'no matter how tall a tree grows, it never leaves the ground. You will never see a tree fly. So in the same way, no matter how great you become, you must remain humble. You must never allow what I Am doing in your life to get into your head; you must not lose your touch with the ground.

#SECOND - Son, a tree grows deeper as it grows higher. You must deepen and strengthen the principles you started with. You must have a firm grip on the things you started your walk with God with and they must grow stronger as God lifts you higher. Watch out, for the enemy will creep in to make you believe you are too busy to develop your real strengths

#THIRD - every tree grows in the direction of the source of its energy (The Sun).

Unlike many men who grow away from the source of their energy, your growth should bring you closer. The growth and expansion of your life should not take you from the source of the growth and expansion. Please take note that the growth of a tree is measured by how close it has become to the source of its energy.

#FOURTH - He asked, Son, have you ever seen a tree eating its own fruits, I answered laughing 'No Lord' then He said, "you must know that whatever I have placed on your life: your gifts, talents, the anointing on your life is not for self-gratification. You must never see it as a means of rewarding yourself...I placed them on your life for my people."

#FIFTH - there is no tree reserved for a special kind of people...there is nothing like a tree for the rich or a tree for the poor. You should remain accessible to all kinds of people. On your way to Jarius' house, the wretched woman with the issue of blood should be able to touch you. As you go on to heal the rich man's daughter, the poor blind Bartimeus should be able to call you and gain your attention.

#SIXTH - A tree never leaves the place where it is planted. No matter how dry the place and scorchy the sun becomes, a tree will remain there and at times die there in hope that someday its maker will send rain. Even if there is a greener pasture just nearby, a tree would never leave the place of its 'planting'.

Then with a staid sense in His voice, He said 'son, this last one I consider very important and I want you to take it very seriously. You must never forget anything I have told you today", I said "okay Lord."

He went ahead and said '

#SEVENTH - A tree in the forest where no man is, bears fruits as much as a tree in the city. It doesn't say "well, because there's no one to eat of me or see what I am doing or appreciate me, I won't bear fruits next season". It keeps thinking in its heart "who knows, a hungry man may just pass by and let it not be that he passes by and meets no fruit on me and if not, my Maker may come unannounced to check if there be fruits on me". The tree knows that it is bearing fruits to please its Maker not in having people around to eat of the fruit...will you keep bearing fruits even if there were nobody around to see what you are doing and say well-done?

At this point, I asked the Lord to help my heart for I knew I needed His GRACE to do this...

Source: Unknown


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