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Let Your Gratitude Match the Magnitude of Gods Blessings in 2023.

As the year draws to a close, it's that time when our minds buzz with reflections. We look back on what we've achieved and gaze ahead at what's yet to come. Most of us feel grateful for the journey the Lord has taken us on, but have you truly measured the depth of that gratitude?

I vividly remember a few years back when I sent a heartfelt gift to a big uncle, someone dear to me. It was a gesture born out of sacrifice, a piece of my own to share. But when he received it, he thanked me and showed deep appreciation, but that was short lived as it was overshadowed by the suggestion that what I gave him was too small. It stung, I felt bad. That gift, small as it might have seemed, was a piece of my heart. I knew the great lengths I went to ensure I gave my best, but alas, my best was not good enough.

Are we sometimes like that?

Do we look at what the Lord has provided for us and consider it to be too small?

Not enough, insufficient, inadequate, incomplete........

It should have been sooner, faster, bigger, smarter, shorter, rounder, wider........

We are thankful......but......Lord when, why, how, what?

Do we fully grasp the magnitude of His efforts to bring us this far?

The battles He fought for us while we slept, the dangers He diverted, the perils sidestepped, the unseen threats thwarted on our behalf. The things He arranged and re-arranged, on our behalf, the maneuvers, the alterations, the shaping and changing, all done just for us.

Can you imagine the number of things that went on behind the scene things we are not privy to that the Lord arranged so that you could receive that blessing? And you are silently complaining.

A woman looking at a small gift in dissatisfaction
Be grateful, show appreciation

We may not even comprehend the spiritual battles He wages for us.

How many times have we unknowingly walked away unscathed from harm's way, oblivious of the battle that had been fought for our sake.

So, before we declare grand prophecies for the next year or get swept away in the festivities and churn out our next long list of prayer points, let's pause. Let's take a moment to truly thank the Lord for all He's done.

Tonight, as the curtains fall on the year, let's give thanks—deep, heartfelt gratitude—for the unseen battles fought, the protection granted, and the grace that carried us through. Let's acknowledge the magnitude of His love and provision, for what might seem small to us is immense in His care.

Before the clock strikes midnight, before the fireworks light up the sky, let's bow our heads and truly thank the Lord for His immeasurable blessings.

Let's enter the new year not just with hopes and dreams but with hearts overflowing with gratitude for the journey He's led us on.


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Written by Lady Shayo Imologome FCA, MBA Business Growth Strategist, Management Consultant, and Keynote Speaker

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