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Life Lessons from the Netflix Movie "Ile Owo".

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I just finished watching the movie – Ile Owo on Netflix, so spoiler alert if you haven’t yet watched it. Stop reading and go watch it first. Well, it was harrowing to watch to say the least, but there are some key life lessons I picked from watching this epic Netflix movie.

A poster of the movie Ile Owo on Netflix

#1 – Never underestimate the power of prayer – Especially a praying mother.

Prayer is powerful, and as a mother myself, I can't stress enough how crucial it is to pray over your children. I've personally witnessed the impact of my own mother's prayers in my life. It's incredible! In the movie, Busola's mother displayed the strength of a praying woman who was in tune with the Holy Spirit. She sensed that something wasn't right and that an evil presence had infiltrated their home.

Whenever you feel that inner voice nudging you, that gut feeling, or that gentle prompting from the Holy Spirit, never brush it aside. Act on it swiftly because it could make all the difference between life and death. Pour your heart into prayer, and trust in the power of a faithful God.

#2 - Listen to the voice of caution – Do due diligence, act with care.

In the movie, Busola's mother advised her to return the expensive necklace given to her by Tunji and decline his invitation to meet. She had an uneasy feeling about it, and boy, was she right! That necklace became the very tool Tunji used to hypnotize Busola and put her in a trance, allowing the evil spirit to have his way with her.

Surprisingly, Busola's father, who had some involvement in the whole scheme, encouraged her to disregard her mother's caution. Now, here's the thing: when you're dealing with someone you don't know well, take extra precautions. Start by meeting in a public place of your choosing and consider bringing a friend along. It's essential to take the time to get to know the person, dig into their background, and even do some online sleuthing. Find out who they're connected with, what their social media profiles reveal, and gather as much information as you can.

In the movie, Busola's lack of caution during that first date paved the way for Tunji to hypnotize her and execute his wicked plan.

A poster of the movie Ile Owo on Netflix

#3 - All that glitters is not gold – Don’t envy your friends

One of Busola's friends (I can't recall her name) genuinely believed that everything was going great for Busola. She even prayed hard, comparing her own situation to Busola's. She said that while Busola caught a whale, she was left catching small crayfish. Little did she know that it's better to have your own crayfish and enjoy peace of mind and safety than to become prey for a whale.

Let's remember not to envy others without truly understanding their journey. We often don't know the full story behind someone's seemingly perfect life.

#4 - A man’s enemies are sometimes those of his own household

Somehow Busola’s Father was in on all the evil planned for Busola. It was not clear exactly how he was connected to the Owo family, but at the beginning of the movie he had a sore leg and was unable to walk. When the evil spirit made its first appearance in the house by way of a figurine set in front of the house and some mysterious smoke, he knew and welcomed it because somehow, offering up Busola for the sacrifice was related to his healing and his regaining the ability to walk again. He went against Busola's mother's warnings and encouraged Busola to go on that fateful date.

While Busola was on the date, because of the negative premonition her mother had, she began to fervently pray for her daughter's safety and her prayers were hindering Tunji’s plan to put Busola under a spell. The demon signalled to Busola’s father who was also at home, to do something to stop Busola’s mother from her prayers. So, he hit her with a pestle and dealt her a deadly blow, which rendered her unconscious and eventually led to her death. The prayers stopped, and that was the only way Tunji was able to succeed in his dastardly plan.

#5 - Don’t jump at the first thing that presents itself just because you have been waiting for a long time.

Busola had been in seven-year relationship with a man who had “clay feet” or so the Pastor described it. Her former boyfriend had just kept her hanging on for years and was cheating on her. Meanwhile, all around her colleagues were celebrating the latest engagement, and how their man was sending them love affirmations etc. The pressure was all too much for poor Busola who also longed for love and affection.

So when Tunji came along and turned on the charm, she fell for it. He knew what to say, how to say it, made her feel special. For a love starved Busola, this looked like a long awaited answer to prayer, but it was not. Tunji just used his charm to lure her into his net so he could use her as a sacrifice.

This teaches us a valuable lesson. Just because you have waited a long time for something doesn't mean you should settle for the first thing that comes along. It could be a job, a house, admission, whatever. Patience and discernment are essential in decision making, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Take the time to truly get to know someone before investing your emotions and trust. Rushing into a relationship or any decision for that matter without proper evaluation can lead to dire consequences.

Summary of Life Lessons from the Netflix Movie "Ile Owo"

In conclusion, "Ile Owo" serves as a reminder of the importance of prayer, the need to heed caution, the dangers of envy and comparison, the potential presence of enemies within our own households, and the significance of patience and discernment in decision making and matters of the heart.

As we navigate our own lives, let's keep these lessons in mind and strive to make wise choices that lead to our well-being and ultimate fulfilment.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to recommend this thought-provoking film to my friends. Happy watching!

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Image Credit: Netflix

Written by Lady Shayo Imologome FCA, MBA

Business Growth Strategist, Management Consultant, and Keynote Speaker

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