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20 Reasons to Rock LinkedIn, How It Can Help Your Job Search or Your Business - Part 4

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

So we continue our 4 part series of why you should rock LinkedIn and how.

If you missed the previous parts you can find them here

#Reason 16: Follow, Research Companies and their Employees

In Part 3 we highlighted that LinkedIn was a great place to find industry news, well it is also a great place for you to research and find out relevant information about organizations you may be interested in. You can follow such companies and also follow key staff and stay abreast of job openings and business opportunities that are relevant to you.

#Reason 17: Follow Research Schools and their Alumni

In the same way you follow companies as mentioned in Reason 16 above, you can also follow schools and their alumni. If you are looking for research sponsorship opportunities this is a great strategy to stay abreast of openings.

#Reason 18: Follow Relevant Influencers

The internet bridges the gap and makes ordinarily inaccessible people very accessible. Want to know the latest ideas and tips from your favourite thought leaders and influencers? Follow them on LinkedIn! Many influencers generate various forms of content and continuously share their knowledge and experience so step into their world.

#Reason 19 Explore LinkedIn Live, Video and Status

Now you can also create your won content using video. This is a new feature and though not open to everybody yet, you can request for access once you show that you have created video content on other platforms and you have a substantial following. Otherwise just wait until the feature is made open to all. And if you are unable to get LinkedIn Live you can still record your videos and share on your page and also the new daily status feature.

#Reason 20: Host Events

Finally, you can use the Events feature to create and host events. the event can be on or offline, on LinkedIn or any other platform. You can also use LinkedIn registering to register attendees. You can share external links and include other information about your event.

So that's it! I hope with these few points we have been able to convince you to get on LinkedIn and if you already have an account, be more active. The benefits are enormous, so make the best out of it!

Written by Lady Shayo Imologome

Business Growth Strategist, Management Consultant, and Keynote Speaker


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